The Blue Suns Coalition were formed out of response do to the rise of the other alliances. In order to protect themselves and the Gemini Sector from their aggressions, the Blue Sun Coaltion was formed by The Cron Republic and the Union of Artificial Intelligences. With the goal of promoting peace, stability, and trade throughout the Gemini Sector and beyond.  The Blue Suns Coaltion members are a tightly knit group. All members sign a free trade agreement and allow free movement through their borders by citizens of fellow members. 

 History Edit

The Blue Sun Coaltion grew during the period when the Human Empire first rose. The Republic of Cron and the Union of Artifical Intelligences feared that the empire would try expand into the Gemini sector. With both nations having a long histroy of peaceful trade with one another, the two nations formed the Blue Sun Coaltion and watched as the Human Empire cut a bloody swathe through the Ares sector. 

They watched as the Human Empire fell from glory. But from the ashes other threats grew. The Alpha Alliance and the Epsilon pact both are threats to the security and well being of the Gemini Sector. 


The Blue Sun Coaltion is not as aggressive as other Alliances and focuses on defensive acts. Members are expected to come to the aid of their fellow members. 

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