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This is a revision of the community project dedicated to creating a common canon amongst its members by providing a productive environment to RP in. The last version of FAR was completely cut off from FT-Prime, the greater FT community we are all set in, this iteration of FAR hopes to avoid being so excluded.

FAR is a place for its members to come and discuss RPs they have in mind and help add to the Lore of the universe. Nations of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to join this project, to contribute to it's and all of ours canon. This community is founded on discussion and where better to hammer out the details of the epic tells we all wish to participate in, than in II?

This community is also determined to provide a place for those new to the Future tech community a place to come and learn the ropes. It is also a place for those inclined to assist their fellow Roleplayers learn the ins and outs of the community. Those who wish to learn and those who wish to teach will be paired up within the universe to create and join a community who has its roots set years ago.

If you are interested in joining, please visit this page: Nationstates


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