The Epsilon Pact

Equality and Peace for All

Location Pan-Galactic
Type Defensive Pact
  • Mutual Defense
  • Equality between humans and aliens

The Epsilon Pact is an intergovernmental military alliance between a multitude of nations of various species. The pact was first founded after splitting off from the short-lived human-centric ACTO organisation, formed after the downfall of the Human Empire. It seeks to create greater ties and mutual security between the various member nations, and hopes to create good relations between the various races of the galaxy.

Ever since its founding, the Epsilon Pact has upheld a message of peace and equality for all species and nations all over the galaxy. The Epsilon Pact operates throughout the entire galaxy. As it is very spread out, the Pact concentrates on providing mutual defense for all of its member states, which can be found in many areas around the galaxy.


After the fall of what was known as the Human Empire, many smaller human-centric states sprung up overnight, most of which were former colonies or even former states that now had newfound freedom. In order to protect themselves, several smaller states signed what was then known as the Alpha Centauri Treaty, creating a short-lived military alliance known as the Alpha Centauri Treaty Organisation (ACTO).

After the encounters with foreign aliens from the other Galactic Areas and opposing human forces, ACTO's memebrship grew increasingly split, with some members seeking to allow aliens into ACTO and others pushing for human dominance and a resurgence of the Human Empire. This caused major strife amongst the members, and led to at least two minor conflicts.

Ultimately, less than two decades after its formation, ACTO split into two main groups, the Epsilon Pact and the Alpha Alliance. The Epsilon Pact immediately set about strengthening their defenses to discourage the other, more militarisitc organisation from attacking them, then opened their arms to allow all nations, human and alien, into the Pact.

After encountering the Tau Coalition and its highly anti-human stance, the Epsilon Pact reached out to even more alien nations to join in order to establish peace and to discourage fighting between the alien species and the humans in the galaxy.

Obligations of member statesEdit

Not as militarisitc as the Alpha Alliance or the Tau Coalition, the Epsilon Pact is entirely focused on defensive acts, as well as mutually beneficial acts between member states. Trade and cooperation in times of need are encouraged, and mutual security matters are heavily encouraged.

To defend themselves against the other organisations, the Epsilon Pact seeks to improve the defensie measures of all of its member states while simultaneously ensuring that violence between member states is not common. This is all to improve galactic relations between the various species in the galaxy, relations that were damaged so long ago by the Human Empire's violent streak of destruction.


The following nations are members of the Epsilon Pact:

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